Noise Annoys – Questioning the value of social media?

I’ve been running various blogs/websites for over 15 years now and obviously some huge changes have occurred in that time, most of which I have fully embraced. The internet for me has been a wonderful invention and I have no idea what I’d be doing…

Record Store Day

Has Record Store Day lost the plot?

A debate has raged this week about Record Store Day, two small Indie labels that I trust have stated that the day doesn’t benefit smaller labels and has been hijacked by the large major corporates to just regurgitate the same old reissues on a new…

Ultimate Painting

So that was 2014

Time for my annual round-up of all things music related in my life, the soundtrack to what was a good year for me personally…


The Day The Earth Went ‘Baggy’

This month is 25 years since both The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays hit the big time and appeared on Top of The Pops together, some would describe it as the day the 90s started.