The Stone Roses at Spike Island

Spike Island ticket

This week was the 20th anniversary of The Stone Roses at Spike Island.

I remember that day so well and 1990 was the hottest summer I can remember in my adult life. The gig was May 27th and it seemed already as if summer had been going on for months. This day was again a scorcher, which was just as well as the event itself was rubbish. We managed to be the first people to buy a beer when the tent opened and couldn’t be bothered to queue for hours for another one afterwards. So we spent most of the day laying on the grass soaking up the sun. Living in Kent at the time we had to get a coach from Maidstone at about 7am and arrived at Spike Island just after lunch.

All the way up on the motorway was a sea of people hitch-hiking in Reni hats and Stone Roses t-shirts. It was actually quite exciting until we got there and realised we now had to wait about 8 hours before the band came on with nothing to do.

It was always acknowledged that the gig was never recorded but it seems recently that this isn’t true as parts of the gig have been appearing on YouTube. Apparently a DVD of the gig is at some point going to be released as the clips are always removed from the site as soon as they appear. There are however loads of short films of the soundcheck and crowd from the day. These shots make the day seem much better than it actually was.

Despite my criticisms of the day I’d still like to see a film of the gig after all these years, they were a great band and John Squire’s guitar sounds great in the clip below.

The crowd at Spike Island

I saw them again in 1995, musically they were a lot better by then but the magic seemed to have died as they were clearly on borrowed time. 3 months after their ‘Second Coming’ tour John Squire left the band and I shall pretend they split up on that day.

Right, now I must go and check out some new bands.

UPDATE, someone recently uploaded some more footage of support band Ruff, Ruff and Ready

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