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Every now and then, you have to deal with a company who are just so incompetent that they make your blood boil and eventually you feel as if you are being unreasonable just for expecting the service from them they are offering.

Many years ago I bought a phone by HTC, it was the SPV M700 and I really liked it. After a few years it was becoming so slow as the buttons were so unresponsive (well, it was running Windows Mobile so what do you expect?) that I decided an upgrade was due. Naively I thought I’d stick with HTC and got the Hero which at the time seemed like a top of the range phone. God, it was slow, but the new Android system was pretty cool and when they release the 2.1 update this would sort things out. This was due to be released in Jan 2010 so it was only a few months to wait….. wrong……!!!!!!!!!!

HTC were so slow to release this, and now we know why. The phone isn’t capable of running it. The update was finally launched at the end of June 2010. For a week my phone was super fast, “at last I had a better phone than an iPhone!” I said. Within a week the screen stopped responding and the phone developed a life of it’s own. Below is a video (one of many on YouTube of the problem loads of people have been having.)

I contacted them after trying for a few weeks to fix the problem myself by uninstalling apps and doing a factory reset. After calling them numerous times, each time being told to do a factory reset again, they relented and took the phone off me in August.

They’ve now had my phone for 3 weeks and although it’s been fixed (apparently) for nearly a week now they still haven’t shipped it to me.

This morning I rang and asked to speak to someone from their complaints department and actually spoke to someone who was honest with me. He stated they have been flooded with repairs and can’t cope. But why was I so angry? On Wednesday I was told my phone would be with me the next day, on Friday I called to ask what was going on and the guy was so short tempered with me telling me it UPS’s fault for not picking it up. Today I was told I may get my phone back this week, I may not. They are so overloaded they just don’t know. So it’s not UPS’s fault as I suspected.

HTC products are great when they work, but when things go wrong, they really go wrong. They spend so much time creating new phones, they forget about the aftercare. A 6 month old phone is not a consideration to them anymore…. “repairs???? updates???? pppffffttt!!! Just get a new phone!” is their attitude. Do they not live in the real world? These things aren’t cheap.

I had a similar experience with Motorola a few years ago and promised never to buy one of their phones again. It was repaired 3 times and each time it came back with the same problem. Do Motorola even still make phones?

HTC are not going to be around for too long either, a quick search on Google shows how many problems their latest handsets have got, they can’t cope with Android. Their repair service is appalling, their customer service is appalling, any other brand you can get repaired in either a Carphone Warehouse repair centre or Apple store whilst you wait, HTC literally takes a month or more.

So in total, I have been about 3 months now without a fully functioning phone.  If you include the wait for the Android update, it’s been 9 months. Since the update I have been able to use it occasionally, but mostly to try and fix the problems with it. I’ve now decided it’s time to look around for a new phone. I can’t afford it, but HTC are too incompetent. When the phone is repaired i’ll send it off for recycling where they will give me £90 for it. Where do I go now, do I sell-out and follow all the sheep with Apple, or go retro with a Nokia? Neither seem appealling, but both are preferable to another HTC.

By the way, does anyone have the HTC UK CEO’s email address or phone number? I’d like to have a chat with him or her.

UPDATE: Finally got the phone back. So far so good, it works. Still determined that I will never buy HTC again.

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