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Factory Floor

Spring is in the air and the days are getting longer, which is great news as life no longer becomes so much of an endurance test and and it’s loads easier to find pleasures in life. Therefore it’s time for a look at the releases that are currently floating my boat….

Factory Floor – ~(R E A L L O V E) (Optimo Remix)
First up, we’ve got one of my fave bands of last year with what could be the best tune of the year. Imagine Lil’ Louis meets Nico and you’ve got some idea of what to expect, an industrial psychedlic house track. Woah! Factory Floor are one of the loudest bands around and I hope the manage to build on what have been a few greats records with a corking debut album…

Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Belong
Next up, one of the best live bands around at the moment with the title track from their second longplayer. ‘Belong’ starts off sounding like ‘Waterfall’ by the Stone Roses, then bursts into ‘Cherub Rock’ by Smashing Pumpkins with vocals by Stephen Pastel and backing from St. Winifreds School Choir. If that hasn’t put you off you’ll bloody love it. I’m still unconvinced the new album is a patch on their first but I’ll have give it a little more time….

Primal Scream – Screamadelica
In some ways you have to feel sorry for Primal Scream, from 1990 until 2002 they made some really, really, really good records with Vanishing Point, Exterminator and the often overlooked Evil Heat. The last two albums though were a major step backwards especially Riot City Blues which offered nothing, it just seemed a really lazy album lacking in any originality or even songs, I always wonder why the band have to make these poor Garage Rock albums everything few years (1989’s self titled and 1994’s Give Out and Don’t Give Up) when they aren’t very good at it, it’s opbviously where their heart is but makes for a poor listening experience. Currently though the band are touring their 1991 album Screamadelica and enjoying a huge surge in popularity.

I remember when Screamadelica was released I initially dismissed it as a compilation of their recent singles with a few filler tracks (although the singles were amazing) but I still lapped up the live shows of this era. Glastonbury ’92 and the miners benefits to a half empty Sheffield Arena were two gigs that I can remember alongside the traditional Brixton date every album they release. After a few years the anorak in me forgot what were singles and I now listen to the album as whole. Last week saw the release of a box set with 4 cd’s, vinyl and a long overdue release of the VHS video on DVD. There’s not many box sets I would buy these days but this was one I couldn’t say no to. I did consider the recent Ride reissue of ‘Nowhere’ but decided against it because

  • a, it’s too expensive.
  • b, there’s no new material included.
  • c, the whole package looks cheap compared to the Screamadelica box set.

Anyway, below is a clip of the band playing ‘Damaged’ from 1992. Anyone got any other footage from this era?

The Primitives – Never kill A Secret EP
Discussing new releases by The Primitives in 2011 wasn’t something I anticipated a couple of years ago. I loved their early singles and their debut album ‘Lovely’ is near perfect but after this they quickly seemed to lose their identity and become just another major label band. After they reunited in 2009 Fortuna Pop! (the coolest label in the world at the moment) have stepped in to release their first new record in 19 years.

The ‘Never Kill A Secret’ EP includes new tracks ‘Rattle My Cage’ and the title track alongside a couple of cover versions. Now before I heard the EP I wasn’t interested in the cover versions especially as one is of a Toni Basil (yes, the same Toni Basil) number, but for me this turns out to be a highlight. I do like a bit of Northern Soul and The Primitives don’t dissappoint with their cover of ‘Breakaway’ in which Tracey Tracey surprised me by hitting all the right notes. I couldn’t find The Primitives version on the net to share with you today, so here’s the original.

For those of you hoping to hear one of the new tracks by the band, here’s the video for ‘Rattle My Cage’.

Yuck – Holing Out
Finally today I give you a band who have from some quarters been getting loads snide remarks, not from me. I’ve really enjoyed their debut album with a mixture of Dinosaur Jr. meets Teenage Fanclub meets Yo La Tengo. Who cares if they are a bit pop and are were once signed to a major record label, I’m too old to care about stupid rules like that….

Until next time….

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