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Building A WordPress Theme from Scratch by Joe Casabona

Every web developer should now be aware of the power of WordPress, when anyone says to me “they don’t use it as they don’t want a blog” I clearly think that they aren’t aware of it’s capabilities.

After building several websites using WordPress there comes a time when the urge to build your own theme rather than use an existing one takes over. At last, there’s a book which gives you pretty good instructions on how to do this.

‘Building A WordPress Theme from Scratch’ by Joe Casabona is that book, although it’s a bit thin for the price it covers all you need (including the source files to download) to get yourself up and running. The book is split into four sections:
1. Converting HTML/CSS to a Dynamic WordPress Theme
2. Creating a Custom Post Type
3. Theme Options and Widgets
4. Creating a Plugin

You can order the book from Amazon UK by clicking here.

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