Adobe Flash RIP

There was a time only a few years ago for a web developer that if you didn’t know how to build with Flash you had a massive gap in your CV. I remember going on a course myself and thinking how amazing it was.

Then Apple announced they wouldn’t be supporting Flash on their iPhone (and later iPad) and many people, including myself, scratched their heads and thought they were mad. Only recently a work colleague stated that he’d never get an iPhone and loved Android because it uses Flash, there was much quiet chuckling going on behind monitors at that moment, especially as Adobe last year announced they wouldn’t be supporting the format for mobiles any longer.

Last week Adobe gave another kick in the teeth to Android when it announced that they would no longer be rolling out Flash to new Android devices from August 15th.

For a final laugh, here’s an advert for the Blackberry Playbook that was only launched 15 months ago.

You can read a much better blog post about this subject on the Guardian website here.

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