Bleep’s Club Tracks of 2012

Dancing Dad's

There comes a time in life when you think all modern music is inferior to the music you once listened to in your youth, its all part of growing up. I’m sure most Dad’s these days think the only music played in clubs across the country is all tacky R&B and the rubbish you see on X-Factor, you also have no desire to stand in a room with a load of screaming kids as this is something you experience every day at home.

Therefore its bloody great when a website like Bleep publishes their end of year list so those of us who think two pints down the local pub is a crazy night out can listen to some new dance music we’d never otherwise get to hear.

Below is a playlist of all the tracks I could find on Spotify from their list, there’s some great tracks featured. You can view the full playlist here.

Reach for the lazers!

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