Kill Your Friends

Kill Your Friends

It was recently confirmed that a movie version of John Niven’s 2008 book ‘Kill Your Friends’ is in the pipeline.

I read the book a few years ago after it was recommended to me by someone who enjoyed a lot of success in the music industry in the early 90s and was raving about how realistic it was (minus the murder scenes). Fingers cross they don’t mess this one up like they did with ‘High Fidelity’ which wasn’t even filmed in the correct country. Whereas Nick Hornby’s ‘High Fidelity’ looks at it from a music fans perspective, ‘Kill Your Friends’ captures what it’s like on the other side within a record label in 1997.

By 1997 the whole Britpop/Parklife era was finished and living in London myself at the time the whole Trip-Hop, Big Beat and Drum & Bass thing was huge whilst the mainstream indie scene was becoming boring. Everyone wanted to recreate those 1970s cop shows in both their clothes and their music.

The charts in the mid-90s was actually in hindsight an amazing time, brushing shoulders with manufactured pop would be bands who you’d have seen playing in a tiny venue only 12 months before or a dance track which had become huge from a limited run white label. One look at today’s chart and you know this is no longer possible as we’re back to the 1980s PWL conveyor-belt pop hell, Steven Stelfox would be proud!

Without actually seeing the film it’d be very hard to actually put a definitive tracklisting for the film together, but the playlist below pretty much captures the era. However, I think someone like Steven Stelfox (the A&R man the book is about) would probably be listening to Robson & Jerome and wondering how he can replicate their success. He’d have probably signed Sean McGuire from Eastenders or the girl on the make up counter in Lakesiders and really congratulated himself on his success. Tosser!

With the above playlist I have broken a golden rule of music anoraks by including a track that wasn’t released until 1998. Please accept my apologies…

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