Spike Island

Ian Brown onstage at Spike Island

This weekend saw the release of the film entitled ‘Spike Island’. I admit I haven’t seen the film but it does looks pretty poor. The film is about The Stone Roses 1990 gig and the trailer did however make me reflect on the day so I thought I’d put together a selection of tunes from the gig before the band finally played in the evening.

I wrote a blog post about the gig a few years ago on the anniversary where I was critical of the event, the day itself was actually boring and a bit of an endurance test, I’m sure the film doesn’t portray this, I also dread to think what tunes they’ve chosen for the film. These were the actual tracks played although not in this order though. I know there were also the occasional indie tune played like The Charlatans but I thought I’d prefer to keep a dance vibe. Apparently the actual documentary film recorded on the day of the gig will be released in October when Made In Stone hits DVD.

Spike Island Mixtape by Mr_Stew on Mixcloud

You can see all the clips of the gig on YouTube by clicking on this link.

The trailer for the film is below, it looks just like Shameless which most people enjoyed for a couple of series before it became boring circa 2005.

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