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I was surprised to see a report on last night’s Channel 4 News about the revival of House Music. Maybe it’s my age but it feels like it has never gone away, there’s always been great house orientated dance tracks around. Perhaps if you’re a teenager today it feels very different.

Whilst the charts recently seems to have started to embrace dance music again after a few years of manufactured X-Factor & Lady Gaga style plastic pop dross, being reminiscent of the late 80’s when the charts were owned by Pete Waterman. That was an era that is often referred to as the worst period for popular music. Strangely a quarter of a century later and the same crop of bands that helped rid us of Pete Waterman and shaped music for the 90s (The Stone Roses, The Pixies, My Bloody Valentine & Happy Mondays) are all touring again. It certainly feels like nothing has changed, especially when you look at the ignorant Tory politicians on the news all of whom would love to cause the same damage as Thatcher.

House Music was a backlash to the ‘greed is good’ culture and was a chance for people to celebrate and enjoy life, something we definitely need at the moment.

Watching last night’s mini documentary was just like a slightly more polished version of the 1988 World In Action about Acid House, both talked about drugs but the 2013 documentary fortunately embraced the scene because of the history, whilst in 1988 it was talked about as a cult and tried to scare everyone talking about  deaths from ecstasy.

Highlight of the new video has to be the young girl stating she’ll still be dancing when she’s in her 30’s, if she’s like Bez from Happy Mondays she’ll still be dancing in her 50’s, he was on top form when I saw them the other night.

Below is the video of last night’s film from Channel 4 News.

Below is the 1988 World In Action documentary.

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