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Dean Wareham

Dean Wareham

It was an appearance on Rapido in 1990 when I first became aware of Galaxie 500. Initially dismissing them as yet ANOTHER band influenced by the Velvet’s I didn’t really listen to any of Dean Wareham’s music until some of his work with Britta Phillips. Ironically it was their ‘13 Most Beautiful : Songs for Andy Warhol’s screen-tests‘ album that got me hooked, an album which couldn’t display its Warhol/VU influences on its sleeve any louder if it tried.
So here we are in 2014 and Dean Wareham has released his debut self titled solo album, an album that within seconds had me hooked. The thoughts that kept going through my head on that first listen is that “this is perfect”. It’s clearly an album I’m going to be sick of soon as I’ve played it about 5 times a day ever since. If I had to name a comparison its ‘Deserter Songs’ by Mercury Rev, but don’t take my word for it, just buy the album.

The opening track from the album is below.


Leeds seems to be a boiling pot of talent at the moment with the likes of Hookworms, Menace Beach along with older bands like The Wedding Present, I Like Trains and that bloke on The Voice. Eagulls have been around for a little while now but the release of their debut album has generated a heap of interest. Reminding me of early The Cure (before the hair and lipstick arrived) with layers of extra sonic guitars. Strangely the band have already been on The Letterman show in the US, which makes me wonder why there’s nowhere on UK TV for bands to appear these days.

For a full list of what I’ve been listening to lately, check out the playlist below.