Design A Website For Your Mother

Design Websites For Your Mother

Every now and then you stumble across an article that really hits the nail on the head (excuse the analogy). ‘Designing User Interfaces for Your Mother’ is one of those articles.

Just as Apple products have taught us a whole new language in gestures, web design seems to be going down a route where you have learn a whole new language in navigation. This has happened as we’re now optimising for both touch screens and the traditional desktop.

As humans we interact totally differently with a touch screen as we love to swipe whereas on the desktop with a mouse we love to click. Regardless of all this we still need to make sure that everyone can navigate around the site without feeling like they are taking a driving test.

Only yesterday I called my Mum asking if she wanted to FaceTime on her iPad. “I don’t have FaceTime” was her response. “Just turn your iPad on” was my reply and to her surprise the tablet lit up within seconds and we were chatting away. This is the kind of experience everyone wants, however my Mum’s generation always over complicate how to use technology, largely because many years ago it was complicated and rarely worked as described.

The better we build websites that are easily sign posted the more everyone will use them. Now go and read Tony Giles article at least three times and next time you are putting a website together think about how your mother would use the website you’re currently putting together.