The End of Real Politicians

Ed Miliband holding a copy of the Sun

Oh dear, I don’t really like talking about politics and this will be my first and last post on the subject. But yesterdays photo opportunity from Ed Miliband really does make me despair, an (apparently) left wing politician trying to promote himself holding a right wing newspaper.

No morals, no principles, no beliefs and no policies, just another opportunity for self promotion as if that is all that matters. We know that David Cameron hangs around with criminals, now the utterly stupid Ed Miliband wants to join the party!

We should of seen this coming in 1997 though (no offence meant to Noel, I’m sure he knew he was being used).

Tony Blair and Noel Gallagher

All of this just makes me think of this section of late night TV show The Word that we all laughed at during the 90s…. “I’ll Do Anything To Become Famous”.

Why can’t we get a real politician who wants to help the people who elected them, like the then Health Minister Aneurin Bevan who set up the NHS in 1948?

Anuerin Bevan

I really don’t know how to sort this mess out, but surely any sane person would avoid a career in politics these days, and there lies the problem….