Cassette revival

Spiritualized cassette

Was never a massive fan of cassettes. They got chewed up, the sound faded the more you played them and they looked crap. However they were cheaper than vinyl or CD, so I only ever purchased them in emergencies.

For some strange reason they are going through a big revival at the moment so I dragged out a few of my old ones from the loft and decided to post them on Instagram.

First up we have Spacemen 3’s legendary ‘Playing With Fire’, remember buying this the summer it came out. Can’t remember why I bought the cassette but strangely I now also own two versions on vinyl (one on coloured vinyl). The sleeve on the cassette wasn’t embossed but is still nice to own.

This was a freebie that just turned up in the post one day and rather good it is too, a compilation of tracks from Creation Records in 1994. Includes ‘Crazy For You’ by Slowdive prior to its release the following year and zero Oasis. I listened to this a lot.

I got this from the Adorable mailing list after seeing them in Canterbury. Great gig and a nice bit of nostalgia showing how bands were promoted in those pre-internet days.

A great bootleg of a fantastic gig, Ride’s first night at the Town & Country Club in Kentish tTown. Have never seen this bootleg shared on the net so I should convert it at some point.

Finally, I bought this when I was really skint as it was cheap back in the days when £4.99 was seen as giving music away. This does have a great sleeve to be honest and another album I have bought since on vinyl.