Desert Island Disc #7 – The Field ‘From Here We Go Sublime’

Released in the spring of 2007, The Field’s debut album seemed to appear from nowhere.

I can never claim to have been a fan of minimal techno so listening to this for the first time was a massive breath of fresh air. Inspired by a large range of bands such as Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine and Seefeel, the album contains samples from the likes of Lionel Richie, Kate Bush and Coldplay (seriously) looping them in the beats to take you on a journey.

Now that description may be enough to put anyone off listening to the album, but it works beautifully. According to Metacritic it was the most highly rated album of 2007 beating Radiohead, Burial and LCD Soundsystem, which surprises me as this so nearly passed me by at the time. Maybe I was still listening to too much shoegaze.

The album was recommended to me out of the blue one day by the guy who was cutting my hair who couldn’t praise it enough. I was looking for music for my holiday at the time and it probably helps that the first time I listened to it in full was laying on the beach in Lanzarote. Not long after that my wife and I were in New York which is where I finally picked up a physical copy of the album. These are really happy memories for me.

There have been three more studio albums and one great remix album from The Field since, I have bought all of them, each one containing some amazing tunes but it will always be ‘From Here We Go Sublime’ that I really love.