Another year over…

Ride at Glasgow Barrowlands

Wow that went quick, a year that involved me working far more than is good for my health (or so my Doctor told me) but at the year end I’m feeling hugely positive about the future despite the constant bad news in the media.

Anyway, my soundtrack to 2015 lacked any real corking new releases, there were plenty of great records released but this year for me was all about the Ride reunion. My favourite band of the 90s got back together and toured the world. I went to the bulk of the UK gigs and we even built a RIDEpedia site. It was a real joy to travel round the country and catch up with loads of people I haven’t seen for years. Hence the inclusion of Ride in this years playlist.

White Manna finally got round to releasing a studio version of ‘Evil’ which they’ve played live for the last few years, I love this song and it’s easily my favourite new tune of the year.

The Chemical Brothers first new album in years was also their best since ‘Surrender’. However New Order strangely made the comeback album of the year, I don’t think people expected much from it and the first single was poor, but the rest of the album harks back to their ‘Technique’ era and is fantastic. Alongside the new Star Wars movie, the Ride tour and The Charlatans new album it feels like the last 20 years never happened… therefore it’s pleasing the likes of MIA, Ricardo Tobar, Julio Bashmore and Fat White Family showed us it’s not all about the old artists.

You can catch all of my favourite tunes of the year below on Spotify.

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