iOS10 beta – Quick review

Have been using the Apple Public Beta profile for a few years now, so therefore it was time to download their latest mobile operating system with iOS10.

Not a particularly drastic overhaul, but one change which Android introduced in 2009 has finally be added to iOS. Widgets!

It’s not great and not as customisable as Android, but it’s a start. It would have been nice to add these to the main lock screen, but a swipe to the right displays them. An example is below.


If you’re a music lover, the control buttons have been enlarged on the player which is nice as it make it easier to control, for some reason this makes the screen feel so much smaller though.


The tray at the bottom of the screen has been enlarged too, this does make things easier to control. There’s no new features here just improved UI for those of us with fat fingers.


One thing I’m still struggling with is opening messages and emails via the lock screen. Before a swipe opened up that but no longer. Now you just get to view it within the screen and replying is unreliable. Unlocking via the finger print sensor isn’t as easy too, it now seems to take two presses.

On the whole it feels quite clunky at the moment, hopefully there will be a few more updates to make it smoother by September.

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