Ultimate Painting at Fopp, London

Ultimate Painting

I popped down to see Ultimate Painting after work the other day when they were playing an instore at Fopp in Covent Garden and was completely blown away.

After being a big fan of Veronica Falls I purchased their debut album a couple of years ago, since then the band have rushed out (compared to other bands) another couple of albums and I just hadn’t had the time to listen to either of them. In a world where you can stumble upon new bands every single day it’s great to see a band who offer no thrills other than great songs and musicianship. Let’s face it, what else do you need?

The one recurring thought going through my head whilst watching them was just how brilliant they were even in such a small venue without even a proper pa. I immediately rushed to buy their third album Dusk after this gig and have played it loads since.

Ultimate Painting are now firmly placed in the ‘my favourite bands’ category.

Ultimate Painting

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