Will Carruthus’ Playing The Bass With Three Left Hands

Will Carruthus book cover

I loved Erik Morse’s Dreamweapon book from 2004 on the story of Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized. Although I saw both bands several times each I would never have classified myself an obsessive but when I finally picked up a copy of this book it coincided with Jason Pierce’s Acoustic Mainlines tour which just completely blew me away.

So here we are over a decade later and Spacemen 3 & Spiritualized bass player Will Carruthus has published his book on his time in both bands. Not only does this tell the story of a really great band but for many people who never got to experience the highs of playing in one of the best bands of the last 30 years it will come as an eye opener to find out that there are plenty of lows too.

Some of us (myself included) only got a far as playing the Camden Falcon a few times and supporting acts who were on the cover of NME was as good as it got, so we always had to rely on the corporate world to survive and any dream of being a rock and roll star remained just that, a dream. Will talks about just what it was really like doing occasional jobs on building sites and factories to subsidise his time in the band thus taking away any glamour of being on stage. Whilst Spacemen 3 are now legendary, at the time playing to around 100-200 people was a typical gig.

But the book does add further depth as to why most ex-members of bands are often a little bitter when you get to meet them, the money that was floating around the music world in large quantities 20+ years ago rarely got anywhere near a bass players pocket even if they were integral to the bands success.

This is a great read and is without one of the great music books of the decade, you’ll struggle to put it down if you have the slightest interest in not just the bands in question but life on the road as a working band.

You can order the book here.

Below is an interview with Spacemen 3 as they implode upon the release of their final album Recurring.

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