Steve Jones Lonely Boy review

Steve Jones

Following the disappointment of Johnny Marr’s book my expectations for Steve Jones’ autobiography were a little lower. Steve like Johnny Marr was the guitarist in one of the most influential bands of the 20th century, however his story is so very different and a lot more exciting on paper.

Despite the tabloid headlines and chart topping album the Sex Pistols never reaped the rewards of their success when they were originally around leaving Jones as a virtual down and out in the US after their demise, the drug habit didn’t help. Along with a disadvantaged childhood and a repulsive Step-Dad he still got on with life instead of being a victim. Although its fair to say he had plenty of victims from his behaviour, including Bowie, but you need to read the book to get the full enjoyment of his escapades.

I loved the fact he’s more than happy to highlight his flaws and those of his family and band mates which was done with plenty of humour. Whilst I know we all re-write our history I can’t help but feel this must be fairly honest as at pretty much no time during the book does he blame others for his mistakes.

Another sign this is a great book is the fact I read it in a few days which doesn’t happen too often.

If I had to criticise the book it’s the fact there’s the usual name-dropping which happens once someone is famous. This is nowhere in the same league as the Tim Burgess book but its something that always rattles me. “If I wanted to know what another celebrity was like I’d read their book!” I usually scream.

This is a highly recommended read.

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