6Music Festival 2017

Barrowlands by day

Last night I spent the evening watching clips from the 6Music Festival recorded in Glasgow last month and so I thought I’d better type up a few words about the first night which I attended.

When the line-up was announced I was so excited and even a bit nervous about trying to obtain a ticket. With a group of us trying for online tickets we snapped some up and within a few weeks I was on the train to Glasgow. Despite a power cut on the train network everyone still made it in good time and hit the pub mid-afternoon.

With an early gig start we headed down to the Barrowlands for 5pm ready for Sleaford Mods.

Sleaford Mods

Outside the Barrowlands by day doesn’t look great but its a venue steeped with character and unspoilt by awful O2 banners. Today there was a maze of BBC broadcasting lorries outside as we headed in and hit the bar just as Iggy Pop appeared on the big screen to introduce Sleaford Mods.

They are the band of the moment and it’s easy to see why, they’re such good fun live but with a clear message. As the right wing idiots seem to be hijacking the press the Sleaford Mods are the voice of the working man who isn’t stupid enough to believe Sky News, The Sun or the Daily Mail. This was the first of three already booked Sleaford Mods gigs for me this year, they were magnificent and it has to be said, the band of the night.

Next up were Warpaint, I’ll admit to being disappointed with their first two albums which hadn’t matched the hype despite having enjoyed them live. Last years’ single New Song was enjoyable enough but I hadn’t given the album a chance. Tonight though they were tremendous and worthy of their slot. The third album has been spun loads since this gig and even my mother-in-law has been commenting how much she’s been enjoying them, there is no higher praise!


Next up were Ride whom I saw at the Barrowlands back in 2015. Whilst I love them dearly I’ve still to fall in love with the new stuff the same way I love the tunes from the first two albums, but it’s still early days. With a new album announced only 24 hours previously, tonights set include 3 tracks from that album. Just like the new Slowdive tracks I think you need to hear the album as a whole.

Having seen Ride more times than I can remember it was hard to get too excited about them with the rest of the bill being so good, as always though they delivered a great set. Their comeback single A-listed on 6music alongside new tacks by the Jesus & Mary Chain and Slowdive it feels like 1992 all over again, this makes me very happy.

The Jesus & Mary Chain

Last band of the night and I won’t deny being exhausted by this time, having travelled all the way from Norwich and then having sunk several pints before even Sleaford Mods had hit the stage. Therefore its such a relief The Jesus & Mary Chain have so many quality songs and are fantastic live. Having first seen them 30 years ago when they may have been ‘cool’ but sounded dreadful live I prefer the current version where musically they are so much better sounding now.

Promoting the recent Damage & Joy album, which really surprised me as it’s a great album, the new songs sit seamlessly with the old favourites. Then there’s the roar of William Reid’s guitar coupled with all those tunes that made it a great set, I was disappointed I couldn’t make any dates on their current tour so tonight made up for it.

After a six hour stint at the Barrowlands we were all exhausted, a quick stop at the Coronation Chip Shop for some grub and a quick discussion about the bands of the night with random strangers and then its back to the hotel ready for the long journey back the following day.

Barrowlands by night

In summary it was a wonderful night, there may have been bigger bands playing the weekend but none of them are any better. Gig of the year? Gig of the decade possibly…. you can watch some clips below.

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