The best non-Slowdive tracks by Slowdive members


With Slowdive announcing their fourth album a mere 22 years after the last one and The Guardian proclaiming them an “unlikely renaissance” things seem a little strange for those of us who have been following their activities

I’ve spent the last 17 years writing blog posts and updates about them on a certain website and can say without question the individuals from the band have been making some of the best music of the last 22 years.

Whilst I’ve blogged here before about my love of Souvlaki since rediscovering them at the turn of the century but there’s also been quite a few releases that have matched Slowdive in quality. You should check out (and buy) all of the following:

Mojave 3 – Bluebird of Happiness (2005)

This was played at my wedding reception as we were tucking into our main course, I’ve still got the playlist somewhere from that day and there were several Halstead and Goswell penned tracks alongside Glen Campbell and Burt Bacharach. This is such an epic yet understated tune (if such a thing exists) but that’s the beauty of Neil Halstead’s songwriting, Queen fans will more than likely think this is boring, but it’s not as dull as Bohemian Rhapsody.

Rachel Goswell – Coastline (2005)

I literally fell in love with this track the first time I heard it, the addition of Ulrich Schnauss immediately put it into my top 10 tunes of all time. The clear vinyl 12″ remains a treasured record of mine, hopefully one day she’ll perform this live with him.

Televise – Songs to Sing in A&E (2006)

Televise were Simon Scott’s short-lived shoegaze band, their only album featuring the full band was one of the best of the original revival. I don’t mind admitting I played this to death on my old Creative Zen Touch mp3 player. I have no idea why the band imploded so quickly but remember they were due to play a trio of gigs with The Telescopes and Sennen both of whom were on the label I co-owned at the time, sadly Televise dropped out after the first date in Oxford never to play again.

Monster Movie – Transister (2005)

Letting You Know is my favourite Monster Movie track taken from what was essentially a mini-album in 2005. This was also on constant rotation on my old mp3 player at the time.

Simon Scott (with Nils Frahm) – Depart Release (2016)

I missed the release of this but was overjoyed when I finally heard it. Having already been a fan of both Simon’s ambient solo work along with his songwriting in Televise plus the added bonus of Nils Frahm this could never fail, for them to team up and make a track this good is a real treat. Pure perfection.

Black Hearted Brother – Stars Are Our Home (2013)

After releasing his third solo album on Sonic Cathedral in 2012, Neil Halstead returned the following year having ditched his acoustic guitar for an album closer to his original shoegaze sound. Black Hearted Brother shows the roots for the recent Slowdive ‘Star Raving’ single and is an album all fans of Slowdive really should have in their collection.

Minor Victories – self titled (2016)

Rejuvenated after the Slowdive reunion tour of 2014, Rachel Goswell teamed up with members of Editors and Mogwai and created another album Slowdive fans would love. Easily one of the best albums of 2016 helped in large by Rachel taking lead vocals throughout the whole thing.

Monster Movie – Last Night Something Happened (2002)

We know how to party in our house so I put this album on for my Dad’s 60th birthday party! Three generations were in the house and no one objected, you can’t get better than that can you?

Neil Halstead – Sleeping On Roads (2002)

Watching Neil play an outdoor set early afternoon in Spain 2002 was the first time I’d seen him perform since the Slough Festival in 1991 with a set a million miles away from Slowdive in sound. For my stag-do a large group went to see Neil play in London, sadly by the time he took to the stage I was a little worse for wear and had to leave as I was unable to stay seated but I do remember him playing Alison. Sorry about that!

Mojave 3 – Love Songs On The radio (1995)

I love the fact this was released at the height of Britpop and sounds a million miles away from the bland guitar pop of the times. With hints of Mazzy Star this song shows Neil and Rachel’s new direction after Slowdive and transports you to wonderful place. Just beautiful.

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