The Rolling Stones in London

The Stones stage set-up

They may have been going over 50 years but this week I went to see the Rolling Stones at London Stadium, despite them playing regularly it was the first time I’d taken the plunge and it was without doubt one of the most exciting gigs I’ve ever seen.

I’ll admit I’ve been late to appreciate the legacy of the The Rolling Stones, when I was young Mick Jagger’s biggest hit was Dancing In The Streets with Bowie and the Stones output at this time couldn’t even be classed as patchy. I had a copy of Hot Rocks which was played loads but it was filed next to The Doors and Love in the decent bands from the 60’s section.

There’s been little point in the them releasing any albums since Some Girls in 1978 and their setlist tonight reflects this. My reluctance to see them before was based on their output at the time but age gives you a better perspective and I’m so pleased I went.

The Rolling Stones live

It was a great night and a perfect setlist, I was only saying the day before I really want to hear Under My Thumb and we got that added to the set.

I’m kinda gutted I didn’t go and see them on all the previous tours they’ve done since I’ve been gigging. The energy they displayed literally puts all young bands in the shade, there’s a reason they are still the biggest band in the world. I’m now going enjoy exploring all their back catalogue with a bit more depth than Hot Rocks and I’m going to really enjoy it.


Here’s The Stones live on the Ed Sullivan show in 1969 performing Gimme Shelter.

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