What’s happened to Twitter?


I was a big fan of Twitter when I first joined in 2009, an easy way of getting updates from people I knew or respected without having to search for them. I saw it as a place to find out about ‘things’ like web development or music and I was addicted.

It felt like the old days of the internet in the late 1990s/early 2000s when it seemed people respected each other and shared things for the greater good, that is why the net was invented after all.

In 2018 Twitter is a cesspit of hatred where everyone is outraged with everyone else. It’s a very unpleasant place where you just can’t avoid seeing arguments with no substance. There’s no discussion just accusations.

I left a while ago and can honestly say I haven’t missed the place one bit. I do still occasionally post on one account I have for a website but I literally hit and run and I don’t see myself even doing that for much longer.

Seeing someone kicked off Twitter at the start of the decade for saying something racist seemed surreal at the time, those kind of comments are now common place and it feels a very backward place. It’s not a place I’d want my business associated with.

I’m sure Twitter will continue for many years but their policy on ‘free speech’ seems to have become ‘hate speech’ regardless of your politics and that will only appeal to a certain demographic.

For me we can add Twitter to MySpace and Facebook as sites with their place firmly left in history.

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