Music Retrospective

I recently ran a retrospective at work and wanted to try something different relating to music. I found very little online so decided to create my own.

I’m pleased to say it went really well and when the team were presented with the task their faces lit up and were engaged throughout.

I deliberately kept the tracks as mainstream as possible not knowing the music tastes of the team, but if you’re a close knit bunch you could try something a lot more niche.

If anyone wants to try this I have created a pdf you could download and print off.

The task

Cut out all the sleeves below and lay them out on the table.

Each team member to pick a song or songs that express how they feel or relates to a situation they are experiencing at the moment.

Either pick a tune from the printed suggestions or feel free to write another song of your choice on a post-it note.

Explain to the team why you chose this song, was it the title, the lyrics or the mood of the track?

If the team member selects a positive track, can they share with the group what they have been doing to help them feel this way. (Continue)

If the team member picks a negative track, share with the group why they feel like this and group can discuss what they feel could help them. (Stop or Start)

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