I grew up in the ‘Garden of England’ and became obsessed by music at a very young age. Taping the top 40 on a Sunday evening was a regular occurrence and I collected record releases on labels such as Two-Tone and later Creation.

My first computer was an 80’s classic: a ZX81.  This progressed to a ZX Spectrum 48K for a birthday.  Countless evenings were spent on both machines typing code out of magazines just to play the most simple games.  

In the early 90’s I moved to Norwich to study and it was around this time I discovered the Internet.  No longer did I have to buy magazines to read about music or wait to hear records on the radio.  The advent of downloads further fuelled my music obession.  During most of this decade I played in several bands that gigged around the South-East of England and later Norwich.  Some of these bands played large support slots and were featured in the music papers, whilst other bands never got out of the rehearsal rooms.

In the late 90’s I started working for a Financial Services company that enabled me to translate my hobby of IT to a paid vocation. For the last few years I have been managing a selection of websites in both my full-time employment and as a hobby.