The Rolling Stones in London

They may have been going over 50 years but this week I went to see the Rolling Stones at London Stadium, despite them playing regularly it was the first time I’d taken the plunge and it was without doubt one of the most exciting gigs I’ve ever seen. I’ll admit I’ve been late to appreciate […]

Steve Jones Lonely Boy review

Following the disappointment of Johnny Marr’s book my expectations for Steve Jones’ autobiography were a little lower. Steve like Johnny Marr was the guitarist in one of the most influential bands of the 20th century, however his story is so very different and a lot more exciting on paper. Despite the tabloid headlines and chart […]

Will Carruthus’ Playing The Bass With Three Left Hands

I loved Erik Morse’s Dreamweapon book from 2004 on the story of Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized. Although I saw both bands several times each I would never have classified myself an obsessive but when I finally picked up a copy of this book it coincided with Jason Pierce’s Acoustic Mainlines tour which just completely blew […]

iOS10 beta – Quick review

Have been using the Apple Public Beta profile for a few years now, so therefore it was time to download their latest mobile operating system with iOS10. Not a particularly drastic overhaul, but one change which Android introduced in 2009 has finally be added to iOS. Widgets! It’s not great and not as customisable as […]