Desert Island Disc #3 – Ulrich Schnauss ‘A Strangely Isolated Place’

A Strangely Isolated Place is an album that was heavily influenced by the last album I posted as one of my Desert Island Discs. Infact it was because of Slowdive’s lead singer that I first stumbled across Ulrich Schnauss and this album. On Valentine’s Day 2005 Rachel Goswell released a single from her solo album […]

2013 in music

Looking back at 2013 it seemed that every week there was another album released that I had to listen to, never before in my life can I remember a time when so much great music had become available so often. Maybe its just easier to access new music (of course!) or maybe people are getting […]

Current Listening

My first update in a couple of months and it’s not about iOS7 either, been too busy with work and needed to prioritise. Jon Hopkins – Immunity Jagwar Ma – Howlin’ Hookworms – Radio Tokyo Paul Williams – Someday Man Sigur Ros – Kveikur Sinister Groove – 4 track demo The Pastels – Slow Summits […]

Psychedelia in 2013

For much of the last couple of decades the Psychedelic scene has been full of 50+ year old blokes trying to recreate their teenage years playing covers in pubs (and who can blame them?), then there’s been the dull flute playing of Ozric Tentacles who could cure insomnia in the worst of sufferers. Far more […]

HMV goes into administration

Finally this week HMV went into administration, when I say finally I have full sympathy for all staff who are affected, but the companies problems were so deep there was no other route. The management have destroyed the brand over the last decade. I first wrote about HMV’s problem nearly two years ago in a […]