Psychedelia in 2013

For much of the last couple of decades the Psychedelic scene has been full of 50+ year old blokes trying to recreate their teenage years playing covers in pubs (and who can blame them?), then there’s been the dull flute playing of Ozric Tentacles who could cure insomnia in the worst of sufferers. Far more […]

HMV goes into administration

Finally this week HMV went into administration, when I say finally I have full sympathy for all staff who are affected, but the companies problems were so deep there was no other route. The management have destroyed the brand over the last decade. I first wrote about HMV’s problem nearly two years ago in a […]

So That Was 2012….

So, that’s another year over… 2012 wasn’t the most exciting year but there was definitely some great music released, therefore it’s time for another Spotify playlist. Tracklisting is below: Yeti Lane – Warning Sensations Melody’s Echo Chamber – I’ll Follow You Evans The Death – Catch Your Cold Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Your Love […]

Adobe Flash RIP

There was a time only a few years ago for a web developer that if you didn’t know how to build with Flash you had a massive gap in your CV. I remember going on a course myself and thinking how amazing it was. Then Apple announced they wouldn’t be supporting Flash on their iPhone […]