Dogfish is 20 years old

Dogfish crowd

Last week saw past and present Dogfish staff reunite to celebrate 20 years of the Norwich and Cambridge based stores.

Working at Dogfish for the majority of the staff also includes lots and lots of great nights out, I certainly enjoyed my fair share over the years whilst employed there (and still do when I get the chance).

I doubt I’ll ever work anywhere again where you get to meet so many friendly people. I think it’s fair to say that my life would be very different today if I had never worked there.

Below is a short video of the night.

Here’s to the next 20 years…

Yeti Lane come to Norwich

Yeti Lane

We’ve got a real treat at the Arts Centre tomorrow night (22 June 2012) when Yeti Lane visit Norwich. The band from Paris are playing four UK dates on this visit in support of their excellent second album ‘The Echo Show’.

I first came across the band many years ago in their previous incarnation as Cyann and Ben. Yeti Lane features Ben from that band on vocals, and his voice is rather wonderful too reminding me very much of Arthur Lee from Love.

Below are the videos for the two singles from the album. If you like what you hear then get over to Sonic Cathedral and buy the album. You can order tickets directly from the Norwich Arts Centre by clicking here.

Learn to code

Learn to code

Every web developer who has tried to learn a new coding language will appreciate how hard it can be at times to stay motivated, you’ll buy a book and it’ll often just gather dust.

A work colleague recently introduced me to a new initiative set up by the US Government to try and get every US citizen to learn a code, much in the same as everyone should be able to read and write.

Codecademy is agreat site that will make you attempt some coding before you can even register, this in itself reminded me of the old ZX Spectrum days.

Once you are in you can choose between Javascript, JQuery, Web Fundamentals or a tour of the important web technologies called ‘Code Year’.

You can find Codecademy by clicking here.