Dogfish 20th anniversary

Dogfish is 20 years old

Last week saw past and present Dogfish staff reunite to celebrate 20 years of the Norwich and Cambridge based stores. Working at Dogfish for the majority of the staff also includes lots and lots of[…]

Yeti Lane

Yeti Lane come to Norwich

We’ve got a real treat at the Arts Centre tomorrow night (22 June 2012) when Yeti Lane visit Norwich. The band from Paris are playing four UK dates on this visit in support of their[…]


Learn to code

Every web developer who has tried to learn a new coding language will appreciate how hard it can be at times to stay motivated, you’ll buy a book and it’ll often just gather dust. A[…]

Fit Vids

Responsive YouTube

Am 80% of the way through rebuilding a website with a responsive design at the moment. The one thing that can be time consuming when you start switching the site over is that the images[…]

Friends Reunited

Friends Reunited redesign

Interesting to see the originators of social media Friends Reunited get a makeover, I do like the design which I think has been very clever to tap into peoples nostalgia visually. After logging in for[…]


Inspiration or coincidence?

Back in 2007, a good friend of mine Alice took some photos for a release of ours by Sennen, the shots were for the press release of their second album ‘Where The Light Gets In’.[…]