Pop Has Eaten Itself

I’m really pleased so see people finally debating the death of the pop charts. With Ed Sheehan having 9 of the top 10 singles and 16 tracks in the top 20, there can no longer any argument about the charts being┬átotally screwed. Since the introduction of downloads in the mid-2000s and later streaming, the charts […]

HMV goes into administration

Finally this week HMV went into administration, when I say finally I have full sympathy for all staff who are affected, but the companies problems were so deep there was no other route. The management have destroyed the brand over the last decade. I first wrote about HMV’s problem nearly two years ago in a […]

Is HMV closing down?

We all know in the last decade there has been much talk about the death of the music industry and one aspect that has possibly changed the most is the way we retail music. The usual bores always blame downloading and the record labels are naively trying so hard to get the industry back to […]

HTC Repair Complaint

WARNING – THIS POST IS A RANT Every now and then, you have to deal with a company who are just so incompetent that they make your blood boil and eventually you feel as if you are being unreasonable just for expecting the service from them they are offering. Many years ago I bought a […]